Allergies #8

Hayfever with headache and glandular swelling or sweating.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

UPHRASIA OFFICINALIS (eyebright) Allergic reactions with a specific action on the eyes are typical. There will be eye irritation with discharge and copious watering. There may also be glandular swellings and very offensive sweat as the body attempts to detoxify from the poisons that have been inhaled.

PSEUDO-NARCISSUS (daffodil) The Pseudo-narcissus picture includes allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, frontal headache, increased pulse, increased flow of saliva, severe coryza of the nose and the opposite symptoms of dryness in the throat rather than an increased flow of saliva.

RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS (marsh buttercup) A keynote of Ranunculus sceleratus is the severe burning and scraping sensations in the throat. There may be fluent coryza with attacks of sneezing accompanied by headaches in which the head feels as if it were too large.

SULPHURICUM ACIDUM (Sulphuric acid) Various types of coryza from the nose with a copious flow that is thin, watery discharge that is a bit lemony is a major symptom here. Alternatively, as so often happens in the symptom pictures of homeopathic remedies, the symptoms may present the opposite pattern of dryness in the nose with loss of the senses of smell and taste. The symptoms that respond to Sulphuric acidum often include itching all over with boils or abscesses on the skin.

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