Anxiety #2


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

SECALE CORNUTUM Secale is a remedy for restlessness, anxiety, extreme debility and prostration, stinging neuralgic pains which burn like fire, numbness, and twitching and spasms of muscles. Contraction and then dilation of blood vessels with palpitations and erratic pulse may develop making the person feel sad, suspicious and afraid. Symptoms are worse from heat but better for cold applications or open air.

TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM is the nosode of the Tuberculosis miasm. Keynotes are deep feelings of being unfulfilled, with a desire to travel or take a new job. There will be a sensation of suffocation and depression with malicious behavior. Physical symptoms include heaviness and pressure over the heart with palpitations on taking a deep breath. Things get worse in a small room and in the evening.

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