Backache #1


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

Nutritional issues, either lack of proper eating habits or non-absorption of nutrients for one reason or another, underlie the need for this remedy. Pain will be, predominantly, in the mid-back and upwards into the neck. A keynote symptom of this combination is a headache if the person fails to eat regularly. Mental/emotional patterns include dissatisfaction with circumstances, restlessness, and a desire to travel or change jobs. Part of the emotional picture includes a lack of self-confidence, indecisiveness, and despair of ever feeling any better. As the emotional patterns as well as the physical pain worsens, severe anxiety—even panic attacks— may occur.

TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM (tuberculosis nosode) The symptom picture includes backache which includes tension in the nape of the neck and down the spine. There is a feeling of chilliness between the shoulders or up the back. The pain in the back may be accompanied by heart palpitations. Keynote mental symptoms are dissatisfied and restlessness with a desire to travel, move about, or change jobs.

PSORINUM (scabies nosode) Severe backache with difficulty in straightening the back is a common symptom of this remedy, as is painful stiffness of the neck with swelling of glands at nape. The backache is often accompanied by weakness and debility and has malnutrition or improper eating habits at the core of the cause. The pain of this remedy is made worse by walking or standing and there will be a marked despair of ever recovering from this pain.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM (club moss) Back and bone pain which has an underlying causation in malnutrition from improper eating habits or weakness of the digestive system. The pain is best described as throbbing and pulsating and may involve the neck as well as the back. There is a keynote symptom of headache that is worse if the person is not eating regularly.

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