The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

GUACO (climbing hempweed) The diarrhea of Guaco is extreme with aching in sacrum and loins and pain and rumbling in the bowels. In the provings, rice-water stools occurred along with difficult swallowing. There will be pain along the spine and pain in the hip joints, ankle joints, and the soles of the feet. The legs will feel very heavy. Symptoms will be worse from bending, from motion, and at night.

PULSATILLA NUTTALIANA (American pulsatilla) Symptoms of Pulsatilla include a dark stool that is covered with mucus. There is constipation with sudden attacks of diarrhea. The tongue is coated white, and covered with a tough slime. The center of the tongue has a yellowish cast becoming unusually red and dry after eating. There is a feeling of weight and pressure in the stomach after eating. Faintness and aching pain in chest are also common symptoms. Sleep is restless with frontal headache.

EUPHORBIA IPECACUANHAE (Ipecacuan spurge or American ipecac) This remedy is said to be a more active emetic than Ipecacuanha. Symptoms include long-continued vomiting with a sense of heat, vertigo, blurry vision, fatigue, and prostration.

VERVAIN (flower essence) Bach listed this remedy in the category of “Over Care for Other’s Welfare”. Other mental and emotional characteristics might include enthusiasm over fixed ideas with somewhat offensive zeal in trying to persuade others to your point of view. The result is escalating tension in relationships and within oneself. The excessive drive leads to a gradual depletion of reserve energy. This is a remedy for those prone to manic states followed by depressive ones. I am not completely sure why this remedy would be included in a bacteria-fighting remedy except that this emotional pattern might lead on to increased susceptibility to infections.

PYROGENIUM (rotten meat pus) Pyrogenium symptoms include high fevers with sore limbs. The fever produces great sweat but sweating does not cause a drop in temperature. There is diarrhea with fever and excruciating, throbbing headache, heart palpitation, and horribly offensive discharges.

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