CFS #2

Nerve disorders, abdominal distress, and insomnia.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

APIS MELLIFICA (honey bee) Based on anecdotal evidence, a few doctors have used the sting of the honey bee in the treatment of nerve and immune system disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Chronic fatigue certainly qualifies as a nerve and immune system disorder! This is interesting in light of the symptom picture of this remedy. It matches the symptoms of MS very closely. Apis has an unusually slow action and must not be discontinued too soon. The increased flow of urine produced by this remedy indicates that it is having a favorable effect and is detoxifying the body as intended. A keynote is hot, stinging, burning sensations, the location of which may be anywhere in the body. Other keynotes are extreme tenderness in the abdominal region, nervousness, and great restlessness.

BELLADONNA (deadly nightshade) Belladonna acts on the brain, nerve centers, glandular and lymphatic systems. The symptoms are notable because of their sudden onset. Abdominal symptoms include extreme sensitivity to touch, with tenderness and swelling. There is also several kinds of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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