CFS #4

Lessening of fatigue and irritability, clearing dark circles under eyes.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

SEPIA SUCCUS (cuttlefish ink) Sepia symptoms include a sluggish liver with the sensation of something twisting in the stomach and intestines. The person will be mentally and physically worn out, irritable, overwhelmed, and averse to the company of those they love—family for whom they feel a responsibility.

IGNATIA AMARA (St. Ignatius bean) Ignatia is always about the physical effects of grief and worry. Some physical symptoms seen in CFS include spasms and cramps in the back and other muscles, sciatic pain in back and hips, joints feeling as if they have been dislocated, much flatulence, and insomnia due to the mind focusing on griefs, disappointments, or worries.

CALCAREA CARBONICA (calcium carbonate) Extreme fatigue due to mental or physical overwork. The person is constantly worrying about all their responsibilities and duties. They have nightmares and poor sleep patterns with frequent sourness and nausea in the stomach.

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