Cardio Arrhythmia #2


This remedy is more specifically indicated for those heart ailments, such as Congestive Heart Failure, brought on by a weakened and flabby heart muscle. The cause of the muscle weakness is not really relevant as it may be from lack of exercise, infectious disease, a valvular issue, or just about any other cause. The symptoms, as always with homeopathy, are what matters in choosing a remedy.

The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA (hawthorn berries) A great heart remedy. My favorite, especially in combination with Capsicum annuum, is also included in this remedy and described below. Symptoms include anxiety with palpitations, cardiac insufficiency with the heart muscle seeming flabby and worn out, aortic congestion, weakness, and valvular incompetence. This remedy has been known to sustain the heart during infectious disease and to aid in recovery from heart attacks because it increases heart muscle strength. This is a very useful remedy for congestive heart failure and enlarged heart.

This type of impending heart failure is key-noted by symptoms arising from the slightest exertion. There is usually, but not always, high blood pressure, accompanying the other symptoms.

CAPSICUM ANNUUM (cayenne pepper) Symptoms of this remedy include a sensation of constriction in the chest with difficult breathing and sluggish circulation. The poor circulation creates extreme sensitivity to cold and damp along with capricious and changeable moods. The face may be red but will feel cold to the person and to the touch.

The muscles of the body will ache and, perhaps, jerk at times. Muscle pain will be felt in various places such as the legs, arms, shoulders, or back, and will be extremely painful and violent. There will be a burning sensation as though the muscle has been terribly overworked. It should be remembered—and noted here—that the heart is a very important muscle!

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