Congestion #2

Bronchial congestion.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHICORY (flower essence) Mental/emotional imbalance as it applies to the caring for or controlling others is part of this flower picture. There is a martyr syndrome—constantly serving others, but with a lot of built-up resentment. Physical symptoms include congestion in the bronchial tubes with difficulty breathing in and out. The breathing difficulties are linked to holding on to this self-inflicted hurt and self-pity and the feeling of not being appreciated for all that one does. Many times the self-pity becomes a way of manipulating and controlling family members and friends.

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) Congestion and pain in the throat and bronchial tubes. The symptoms get worse in the evening and during the night. There is burning in the region of the pancreas with abdominal tenderness and vomiting of any food eaten, ringing in the ears with deafness, and chronic pain in the forehead with a headache that alternates sides of the forehead from time to time or remains over the left eye. There is profuse salivation and vomiting during the headaches and great itching of the skin at night.

MAGNESIA SULPHURICA (magnesium sulfate—Epsom salts) Epsom salts have been used for many years as a cathartic and as a homeopathic remedy it has shown itself useful for dysentery and gallstone colic. This is a remedy for panting and coughing after exercise or walking. The most marked symptoms are with the skin, urinary tract, and female reproductive system. With females, indications are thick leucorrhea, as profuse as the bleeding during menses, with pain in the back and thighs on movement. This remedy is also used for weakness of the thyroid.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arborvitae) Thuja is specific to asthma and breathing difficulties in children (sometimes linked to vaccinations). Physical symptoms include rapid exhaustion and emaciation, chronic sinus infections with the unusual keynote of sweat only on the parts of the body that are uncovered. Thuja has been for many years the leading remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. Emotional and mental symptoms include feeling isolated and all alone, self-contempt, and depression. Symptoms are worse at night and, interestingly, worse when talking.

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