Coxsackie 12X (BCCOXSAKX12) Elimination of tapeworms, inflammation of lymphatic glands.

COXSACKIEVIRUS NOSODES The coxsackie virus nosodes are placed in the remedy on the assumption that the introduction of the energy pattern of the virus into the body will stimulate the body’s immune and energy systems to search out, identify, and destroy the virus and then cleanse the body of the dead viruses. Using an “exact” instead of a “similar” is not homeopathy in its pure form, but since this critter mutates quite rapidly, it is probable that the homeopathic given will be following the “ law of similars” as it attacks viruses which have mutated.

FILIX MAS (male fern) The remedy picture of this remedy contains mostly abdominal and intestinal symptoms but one proving is interesting—it includes violent dyspnea (difficult, labored breathing with shortness of breath) without a cough but accompanied by stitches in region of the heart and obscure symptoms of pericarditis. The prover was described as being of lymphatic-nervous temperament and much weakened by a long illness.