The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM (button snake-root) This remedy acts on the mucus membranes, particularly of the head and chest. Symptoms include thick, yellow discharges, cough, oppression of the chest with the inability to take a full breath, as well as inflammation of the left eye and the eustachian tube with thick yellow mucus discharges from the nose.

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) Symptoms include congestion with the remedy showing a particular affinity for detoxifying the digestive system. Appendicitis with sudden attacks of diarrhea are mentioned.

MYRRH (gum myrrh) Myrrh quickens the pulse, raises the body temperature with great sweating and prostration. This is a remedy for enfeebled states with excessive mucus discharges.

THYMUS SERPYLLUM (wild thyme) Thymus has an effect on the urinary organs with the elimination of uric acid as its prime function. It is useful for respiratory infections of children, dry nervous asthma, and pressure in the head that creates ringing in the ears.

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