Detox #12

This remedy is for serious weakness and the destruction of muscles, glands, veins, bones, and cellular tissues. Symptoms, if nerves have become affected, may include progressive mental weakness.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CONIUM MACULATUM (poison hemlock) This is an ancient poison (given to Socrates), the action of which is progressive, ascending paralysis which kills when respiratory failure sets in. For whatever reason—in this case, some sort of toxicity from which the body needs to detox—the body is stiffening, the muscles become weak, the chest becomes tight, the glands become painful, and eventually there is weakness of body and mind with trembling all over.

AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (horse chestnut) The most marked action of this remedy is on the lower bowels and on the venous system of the pelvic area. Other symptoms include liver disorders, degenerative hip disease, swollen glands, sacroiliac pain, varicose veins, and waking with the mind feeling dull and confused.

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (mercury vivus) The mental symptoms of Mercurius are very pronounced. They include restlessness and constantly changing one’s mind (and everything else possible), poor self-confidence, and weak memory. With Mercurius there is enlargement of the lymphatic glands and destructive inflammation of bones, cellular tissues, and joints. Other symptoms include tremors, convulsions, and shortness of breath when going upstairs or walking quickly.

BARYTA CARBONICA (barium carbonate) This is a remedy for serious destruction of the body ocurring with overwhelming debility. The symptom picture includes enlargement of the glands, problems with the outer layers of the heart muscle and the blood vessels, and progressive mental weakness.

DULCAMARA (woody nightshade) The leading indication for Dulcamara is that every symptom gets worse for getting cold and damp. An odd feature of Dulcamara is that it will antidote the unnecessary activities of Mercurius, which is also found in this remedy. Dulcamara is an excellent remedy for swollen glands, mononucleosis, and arthritis.

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