Detox #13

This remedy is for the prevention of urinary tract issues, muscular soreness, and sepsis of the blood due to exposure to turpentine and/or similar toxic solvents.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

BAPTISIA TINCTORIA (wild indigo) One of the strengths of this remedy is its effect on sepsis that is in the blood! Descriptive phrases applied include indescribable sick feeling all over—weak and tremulous as if just recovering from an illness—muscular soreness and putrid states erupting all over the body.

CANTHARIS VESICATORIA (Spanish fly) I would assume that this particular remedy is in this combination because sometimes when the body needs to detox most, it cannot do so effectively because of inflammation in the kidneys. This remedy is indicated any time there is constant urging to urinate but the urine is scanty, cutting and burning.

SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS (wild licorice) Historically, this remedy as an herb acts on the urinary organs, genitals, skin, and bones and is mostly a remedy for ailments that are occurring on the right side of the body.

TEREBINTHINIAE OLEUM (oil of turpentine) The symptom picture of this remedy has been added to over the years by overdoses in allopathic practice and from accidental poisonings. As a homeopathic, it should be wonderful in detoxing the body from this chemical and from other chemicals that produce a similar symptom picture. A few of the keynote symptoms include enormous distention of the abdomen, burning pain in the region of the kidneys with the urine smelling like violets, and quickened respiration.

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