Detox #14

This remedy aids in the relief of the symptoms and pain of urinary tract irritation.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

SOLIDAGO VIRGAUREA (goldenrod) Touted as a homeopathic replacement for the catheter. Difficult and scanty urination. Pain in kidneys extend forward to the abdomen, into the bladder and even down into the thighs.

BAPTISIA TINCTORIA (wild indigo) Soreness of Abdomen.

BERBERIS VULGARIS (barberry) Bladder Pain, Burning when urinating. Increased frequency of urine during the night.

EQUISETUM HYEMALE (horsetail) Frequent urination at night. Severe pain at the close of urination.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM (silver nitrate) Sugar cravings resulting in dark urine. Retention of urine.

CANTHARIS (spanish fly) Urine that is passed drop by drop with dribbling at odd moments. Burning and scalding urine with cutting pains.

CAPSICUM ANNUUM (cayenne pepper) Thick, white creamy discharge from urethra. Urine comes first in drops, then in spurts.

CUPRUM SULPHURICUM (copper sulphate) Headache, Vertigo, Dimness of sight. Cramp of smooth and skeletal muscles.

ORTHOSIPHON STAMINEUS (cat's whiskers) Renal calculi. Gout. Joint pain.

PAREIRA BRAVA (velvet leaf) Inflamed kidneys. Continual urging but great straining necessary to the passage of urine. Dribbling after urination.

APIS VENENUM PURUM (honey bee) Constant feeling as though one needs to urinate. Swelling. Stress on kidneys and bladder from allergic reactions. Hives.

BAROSMA (buchu) Has a marked effects on the mucus membranes, particularly of the urinary tract. Irritable bladder, gravel in urinary tract.

MERCURIOUS CORROSIVUS (corrosive sublimate) Albumin in urine. Urine scanty or suppressed. Dark, brownish green urine passed drop by drop.

PYELON SUIS (pyelonephritis) Sarcode of Internal Kidney. Indicated for kidney ailments and pain.

URETER SUIS (sarcode of ureter) Indicated for pain or irritation of the Ureter.

URETHRA SUIS (sarcode of urethra) Indicated for pain or irritation of the Urethra.

URINARY BLADDER SUIS (sarcode of urinary bladder) Indicated for pain or irritation of the Urinary Bladder. Pressure and pain in the abdoment.

GLYOXAL DIHYDRATE (glyoxal compound) Gastric irritation. Kidney damage.

HEPAR SULPHURIS CALCAREUM (calcium sulphide) Thick yellow discharge accomanies urine. Putrid odor of urine. Bladder difficulties of elderly men.

QUERCETIN (quercetin flavonoid) Reduces capillary permeability. Stamina. Increased energy.

COLIBACILLINUM (escherichia coli) Heat and burning after urination. Foul smelling urine. Kidney troubles made worse in cold humid weather. Nephritis.

DYSENTERY BACILLUS (shigellosis) Headaches. Migraines. Heartburn. Backache.

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