Detox #6

This remedy was formulated for overcoming the effects of misuse, over-use, or allergies to penicillin.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

PENICILLINUM (penicillin) The homeopathic penicillinum has been used to antidote the effects of penicillin when it has been over prescribed to patients or when there has been an allergic reaction. This isode may be helpful for those who have a family history of allergic reactions to penicillin. Some symptoms of this remedy include fatigue, diarrhea, fever that continues for a long time, kidney pains, and feelings of icy-coldness in different parts of the body. Allergic reactions may bring on anaphylactic shock and become very serious, even life threatening, very quickly. This remedy is also indicated for those who have never been well since taking this drug and is indicated for any symptoms for which this drug would have been prescribed allopathically.

NATRUM LACTICUM (sodium lactate) Natrum lacticum is useful for gout, uric acid, unusual hunger and thirst, great weakness of lower limbs, arthritis-like pains, rapid swelling of entire body and “chalk stones” in fingers.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arborvitae) Thuja has long been considered a major remedy for the after effects of vaccines and other chemical toxins. Emotional symptoms include self-contempt, feeling isolated and all alone, and depression.

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