Detox #7

This remedy is for the detoxification of chemical additives.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

This combination is made up of three distinct parts. The first part contains the homeopathic isodes of various laboratory produced imitations of naturally occurring amino acids. The isodes are in the remedy to stimulate the body to find and dispose of the residue of these drugs. The second part of this remedy is the homeopathic isode of methanol (or wood alcohol). The third part is homeopathic remedies whose great strengths lie in the support and strengthening of the glandular system.

In order to understand this remedy and its ingredients, some explanation is necessary. I will try to keep this lesson in chemistry and anatomy as simple and as short as I can and still get the most necessary pieces of this complicated subject presented.

First: Glutamic acid, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid are naturally occurring amino acids—in other words, they are found in the foods that we eat every day. We need them because they are precursors and initiators of many essential metabolic processes in the body. In their natural state—they are not dangerous to our bodies.

Second: MSG (originally) is the naturally occurring and very abundant sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is responsible for some of the flavors we enjoy most in meats and certain vegetables. MSG was first isolated as a flavor enhancer in Japan in an attempt to duplicate the taste of an edible seaweed that is used as a base for many Japanese soups. MSG’s popularity as a flavor enhancer grew, worldwide, very rapidly.

There are three ways to produce MSG—hydrolysis of specific vegetable proteins, bacterial fermentation, and chemical synthesis. As always, chemically synthesized anything is not natural because man has yet to produce a single substance that is truly nature identical! Really and truly, this is a fact!

Fortunately, most MSG that is produced and marketed today is done using the bacterial fermentation method. Unfortunately, whenever safety studies are conducted on this and other products, it is rarely specified which type is being used and it is almost never reported which one was used if it is known.

Man-made, laboratory-produced, chemical imitations have at least one molecular connection that is turning the wrong way (left rotating, designated by an l in the formula name). These laboratory produced imitations of natural molecules are always toxic to one degree or another!

Third: Aspartyl-Phenylalanine (aspartame) is a combination of man-made, chemically produced phenylalanine and man-made, chemically produced aspartic acid. There have been many studies conducted that show a wide variety of results as to the safety of this product. There is also a long and sordid history of the FDA’s failure to protect the public it is sworn to serve from this and other such chemicals.

Fourth: Wood alcohol (rubbing alcohol), used in Part Two, should not be ingested or placed on the skin if it is at all possible to avoid doing so (I know, we have been taught to use it as a disinfectant!).

Fifth: The isodes that have been placed in this remedy are NOT the isodes of the naturally occurring amino acids. They are the isodes of the man-made, laboratory produced, toxic imitations of the real thing. These isodes are there to help the body recognize those poisons and eliminate them and then stimulate the body to repair whatever parts of the damage that has been done that can be repaired.

Sixth: Some of the homeopathic remedies in Part Two are polycrest remedies for supporting and strengthening the glandular system and the nerves. Others, such as Thuja, are there because they are known to help the body throw off the effects of chemical poisoning.


GLUTAMIC ACID ISODE (a laboratory-produced amino acid)



MSG ISODE (monosodium glutamate the sodium salt of glutamic acid)

ASPARTYL-PHENYLALANINE ISODE (Aspartame—phenylalanine and aspartic acid combined)


METHANOL ISODE (wood alcohol—rubbing alcohol is a more common name)


CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) This remedy is especially suited for highly emotional, temperamental, and overly sensitive children and adults. Some other relevant symptoms include profuse sweating (as the body tries to throw off toxins?), headaches that are made worse by stimulants of any kind, flatulence and colic, distended abdomen, earache, and many symptoms linked to nerve irritation.

CUPRUM METALLICUM (copper metal) Cuprum is one of the most important remedies for the reappearance of symptoms that were formerly suppressed by toxic drug treatments. This remedy affects the nerves and is used for convulsions and cramps of a violent nature especially in the fingers, toes, and calves. When this remedy is needed, there will often be a metallic (toxic drug) taste in the mouth.

MYRRH (gum myrrh) Myrrh is a stimulant and a tonic. It produces a quicker pulse, raises the body temperature, and produces vomiting and purging if that is what is necessary.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) As already mentioned, Thuja is placed in this remedy because it is known to be of benefit in never well since a vaccination or drug program.

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