Detox #7

Detox #7 6X (BDCETOX7X6) Chemical additives

GLUTAMIC ACID ISODE (a laboratory-produced amino acid)



MSG ISODE (monosodium glutamate the sodium salt of glutamic acid)


METHANOL ISODE (wood alcohol—rubbing alcohol is a more common name)

CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) This remedy is especially suited for highly emotional, temperamental, and overly sensitive children and adults. Some other relevant symptoms include profuse sweating (as the body tries to throw off toxins?), headaches that are made worse by stimulants of any kind, flatulence and colic, distended abdomen, earache, and many symptoms linked to nerve irritation.

CUPRUM METALLICUM(copper metal) Cuprum is one of the most important remedies for the reappearance of symptoms that were formerly suppressed by toxic drug treatments. This remedy affects the nerves and is used for convulsions and cramps of a violent nature especially in the fingers, toes, and calves. When this remedy is needed, there will often be a metallic (toxic drug) taste in the mouth.

MYRRH(gum myrrh) Myrrh is a stimulant and a tonic. It produces a quicker pulse, raises the body temperature, and produces vomiting and purging if that is what is necessary.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS(arbor vitae) Thuja has long been considered a major remedy for the after-effects of vaccines and other chemical toxins. Emotional symptoms include self-contempt, feeling isolated and all alone, and depression. Thuja is placed in this remedy because it is known to be of benefit in never well since a vaccination or drug program.