Detox #8

This remedy helps the body rid itself of environmental toxins and poisons.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CALCAREA SULPHURICA (calcium sulphate) Indicated for glandular swelling and dysfunctions, connective tissues issues, pain over the liver, cleansing and support of the liver, burning and itching of the feet, and weakness of the legs. The person is probably sleepy during the day but wakeful at night.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (iron phosphate) Symptoms include debility and weakness from toxic poisoning, low iron and hemoglobin counts, a variety of blood conditions where blood volume is normal but fluids are increased out of normal proportion to solid particles (thin blood, not just iron deficiency anemia).

NATRUM NITRICUM (sodium nitrate) Natrum nitricum is used in the treatment of inflammations and hemorrhages of all kinds. The mental/emotional picture of this remedy is ill-humor and being unwilling or unable to find the energy for mental or physical exertion.

STRONTIUM NITRICUM (strontium nitrate) There have been far too few provings of this remedy but it is known to be indicated for the sort of bad taste in the mouth that is associated with drug poisoning, headache, albumin in the kidneys, intestinal irritation, arthritis, and a variety of nervous conditions.

CHERRY PLUM (flower essence) Cherry Plum is said to help those suffering from inflammation of and damage to the nervous system. This remedy is indicated for lack of impulse control, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and perfectionist or ritualistic behaviors. A very useful remedy for eliminative system disorders and for use in detoxification programs.

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