Diarrhea #2


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

FILIX MAS (male fern) Symptoms if Filix mas include diarrhea and vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating, inflammation of lymph glands, pale face with blue circles around the eyes, and frequent but painless hiccupping. Filix is sometimes used in the treatment of tapeworms and other parasites. Symptoms are made worse from eating sweets.

KALI SILICIUM (potassium silicate) This is a deep acting remedy. Symptoms include emaciation, weakness, chilliness, pain in liver region, flatulence, nausea, stiffness of the body, and twitching of muscles.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (sodium sulphate) Involuntary and unexpected stool when passing flatulence, yellow watery stools, and itching of the anus. Feels every change from dry to wet and always feels best in warm, dry air. This remedy balances water in cells and eliminates excess very efficiently.

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