Dioxins 12X (BDCIOXINX12)

ISODE OF TATRACHLORODIBENZO-P-DIOXIN (Agent Orange) AND SIMILAR CHEMICALS There are many scientists that believe that dioxin poisoning can cause organ disease, an increased risk of cancer and heart attacks, a suppressed immune system, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, menstrual problems, increased hair growth, weight loss, and the facial cysts known as chloracne. It takes a long time for symptoms to show up, often making it difficult to determine where the poisoning took place.

DICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID—2,4-D (chlorinated pesticides)


PENTACHLOROPHENOL—PCP (chlorinated phenols) Chlorinated phenols and chlorinated pesticides are used in agricultural pesticides worldwide. Scholarly articles indicate that children with even low levels of these phenols (laboratory-produced) have a higher risk of parent-reported ADHD compared to children with levels below the limit of detection.

Animal studies have also reported hair loss, decreasing body weight, and a weakened immune system from oral exposure to these chemicals. Other animal studies indicate possible effects such as skeletal deformities, kidney defects, altered levels of sex hormones, reduced production of sperm, increased risks of miscarriages and weakened immune responses in the offspring of many of the animals exposed and tested.

Since this remedy is comprised of isodes, it may be advisable to take a follow-up remedy according to symptoms when a regimen of this combination is finished.