Energy Alignment


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

AMMONIUM MURIATICUM (Sal ammoinic) Ammonium symptoms include irregular circulation with the blood seeming to be in constant turmoil with many pulsations. The emotional patterns include a desire to cry, but cannot do so, melancholy with unfounded apprehension from internal grief, and involuntary and usually unfounded aversion to certain persons.

ARGENTUM METALLICUM (silver metal) One of the keynotes of this remedy is an insatiable desire for sugar. A keynote of Argenticum that is more than intriguing is that the tissues of the body, especially the cartilages, thicken resulting in problems with the joints and bones. The cartilage of the ribs becomes particularly painful, especially on the left side.

BERBERIS VULGARIS (barberry) Berberis is useful in arthritic and hepatic disorders, reduces kidney inflammation and helps with kidney and gallstone pain. It aids the body in detoxifying from chemical and metal poisoning and strengthens the body overall. The mental picture of Berberis vulgaris is one of indifference and apathy. The person is mentally and physically tired and does not want to do much of anything. There is a dislike of the dark that is quite pronounced.

CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA (black cohosh) Cimicifuga is a polycrest remedy for women. It is most suited for women who suffer from rather extreme mood swings and who tend to become easily overexcited. Other symptoms include sadness, anxiety, and irritability where these emotional symptoms may be tied to hormonal imbalances. Black cohosh is considered to be a remedy for the darkest states of depression—a brooding state of dark hopelessness, often tied to a history of sexual abuse, alcoholism, or drug abuse. The dark moods of Cimicifuga are usually worse just before the menstrual cycle.

COLOCYNTHIS (bitter cucumber) Colocynthis is especially suitable for irritable persons who are easily angered, for ailments in people resulting from anger, ailments as the result of silent grief, and emotional and energetic upsets from being too much affected by the misfortunes of others. The picture of colocynthis includes depression, joylessness, a disposition to weep and cry, offended by everything and everybody, wants to be left alone, and becomes angry when questioned.

LEDUM PALUSTRE (wild rosemary) One of the major indications of Ledum is cold all the time due to the general lack of heat being generated in the core of the body. Interestingly, although cold nearly all the time and cold when first getting into bed, the heat of the bed soon becomes intolerable. An interesting emotional note that indicates serious energy issues in the body is an aversion to friends and company to the point that sometimes the person has such a desire for solitude that they avoid even the sight of people.

PICRICUM ACIDUM (picric acid) Picricum is a remedy for people who are worn out both physically and mentally. Anemia that fails to respond to treatment, pins and needles sensation in the limbs, and burning in many parts but especially along the spine and in the legs are also seen. The mind is weary, weak, and forgetful, and mental exertion makes things even worse—even just a little bit of reading is too much to be handled.

SULPHUR (brimstone) Sulphur is one of the great polycrest remedies for the things that are common to the human condition and is a major anti-psoric remedy. Sulphur is frequently needed after an acute illness which did not completely clear up, relapsed, or is failing to respond to a remedy that was working well even though the symptom picture has not changed. Sulphur also has a reputation for moving a case along when the vital/immune response of the patient is deficient.

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