Exhaustion #1


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (iron phosphate) Ferrum phos is considered useful for anemia and debilitating weakness. According to Robin Murphy’s materia medica Ferrum phos stimulates the blood to increase hemoglobin. This remedy is also useful for the first stages of all inflammatory disorders, for those who take cold easily, and is useful for fresh wounds, contusions, sprains, and bruised soreness on the chest, shoulders, and muscles.

HOMERIA COLLINA (cape tulip) The picture of Homeria is a state of total collapse with severe weakness and near insensibility. The pulse is irregular and the pupils are dilated. There is great coldness with severe nausea and vomiting.

RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS (buttercup) Some of the symptoms are weakness, fainting, trembling and heat in the head with coldness in hands and feet. The symptoms are made worse by atmospheric changes, sudden exposure to cold or heat, and much worse in wet and stormy weather.

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