Exhaustion #2

Exhaustion #2 9X (BECXHAUST2X9) Sickle cell

EQUISETUM HYEMALE (horsetail) Horsetail, in any form, is considered a remedy for the urinary tract. Symptoms that apply here include urine retention, constant desire to urinate, passing large quantities of clear, light-colored urine which brings no relief, irritability, poor uptake of calcium, easily fatigued mentally, cystitis, and diabetes.

KALI PHOSPHORICUM (potassium phosphate) Phosphorus remedies always include a picture of exhaustion and fatigue, anemia, nervous sensitivity, weakness, a tendency to tire easily, and brain fatigue. The slightest labor seems a heavy task and there is anxiety with nervous dread.

RHUS AROMATICA (fragrant sumac) Rhus aromatica is a remedy for diabetes and kidney disorders. Other symptoms include emaciation, weakness, trembling. This remedy is especially indicated following uterine hemorrhage or bleeding in the kidneys.