Fatigue #3


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CANTHARIS VESICATORIA (Spanish fly) Spanish fly has an effect on the digestive, liver, and abdominal complaints, inflammation of brain tissue, with paleness and anxious restlessness seen in all situations. A keynote is a sudden loss of consciousness with the face becoming abnormally red.

GINSENG (wild ginseng) A major symptom of ginseng is general coldness with especially cold hands. Ginseng strengthens the ability of the body and the mind to withstand stress, calms the mind, and promotes feelings of courage.

KALI IODATUM (potassium iodide) All Kali based remedies have to do with despondency and the trivial details of life seeming like too much to cope with. Kali iodatum has a regulating influence over the functions of the organs having to do with nutrition, growth, and development and also works on neuralgia and inflamed nerves.

MYRTUS COMMUNIS (myrtle) This remedy has mostly to do with heart and lungs but there is a clear symptomatic indication for this remedy that includes extreme tiredness in the afternoon that is worse from atmospheric changes.

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