Fatigue #4


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

EPHEDRA VULGARIS (ma huang) Some homeopathic symptoms include fatigue and weakness that begins early in the morning and lasts all day long, apathy toward nearly everything, stiff neck, and insomnia with great longing for sleep.

GINSENG (wild ginseng) A major symptom of ginseng is general coldness with especially cold hands. Ginseng strengthens the ability of the body and the mind to withstand stress, calms the mind, and promotes feelings of courage.

LONICERA XYLOSTEUM (fly woodbine) Keynote symptoms are trembling of the whole body, sleepiness, constant deep sleep with half-open eyes (scary to look out, especially with children), coldness of limbs, and a profuse cold perspiration.

ZINCUM PHOSPHORICUM (zinc phosphate) According to homeopathic tradition, Zinc phos removes the mental depression and weakness following cerebral congestion and strokes. Other symptoms include nervousness, brain exhaustion, nervous vertigo, hands cold with perspiring feet, and nervous headache. The fatigue of Zinc phos is very great with total or near-total disinclination to do any mental exertion at all. The person may be in a happy and enthusiastic mood followed by gloom and discontent.

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