Fatigue #5


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ELAPS CORALLINUS (Brazil coral snake) Like other snake remedies, Elaps includes issues of the blood with the destruction of blood cells causing hemorrhages which are dark in color all over. This remedy is also indicated for parasites moving through the blood to other locations in the body. There is a cold feeling in the stomach and often terrible coldness all over the body.

LEDUM PALUSTRE (wild rosemary) Ledum affects the fibrous tissues of joints, especially the tendons of the ankles and heels. Symptoms include confusion of the mind, difficulty thinking, cold all the time with the limbs being particularly cold. This combination is often indicated as a treatment for Lyme disease and other “spirochete” caused illnesses with the symptoms having begun at the time of insect stings or bites. There is pain gradually rising from the feet to the head.

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