Flu Symptoms #2

A very potent and effective intestinal flu remedy. Includes remedies for physical symptoms of flu such as fever, cough, stomach pain, sour belching, headache, aching bones and muscles, and great weakness. The Gelsemium in this remedy aids the body in returning to normal energy levels after the exhaustion and prostration that often accompanies a bout of flu.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ACONITE NAPELLUS (monkshood) The symptoms of Aconite that apply to the flu are pressure in the stomach, burning from stomach to esophagus, painful hiccups, and vomiting of clear water every time one sits up. Aconite is indicated for any acute, sudden, violent illness that comes with a high fever.

BRYONIA ALBA (wild hops) Bryonia is less rapid in its action than Aconite, but it goes deeper in its effects and often takes up the healing work where Aconite leaves off. Symptoms include splitting headache, aching bones and muscles, sharp pain when swallowing, pleurisy with sharp pains, hacking cough, fever, nausea, and vomiting. All symptoms are worse from the slightest motion.

EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM (boneset) Eupatorium symptoms include severe chills with terrible aching in bones, vomiting preceded by thirst, vomiting everything eaten, weak pulse, and great weakness and prostration. Sweating relieves all the symptoms but the headache and the cough is worse at night.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (iron phosphate) Ferrum phos aids in lowering fevers, especially in infants and children and is suited to those who catch colds and sore throats easily. There are coughs made worse from going outside. This remedy is excellent for the first stage of ear infection. The symptom picture includes sour belchings, chill while eating, pain in the stomach that gets worse after eating, vomiting of undigested food and bright red blood. Ferrum prevents suppuration from earaches and conjunctivitis.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS (yellow jasmine) Gelsemium is a remedy with a strong affinity for the recovery stages of illnesses and for fatigue and illness that is brought on by anxiety, anticipation, fear, or bad news. Gelsemium is keynoted by either the failure of energy levels to return to normal after an illness or complete exhaustion that just will not go away. Other symptoms include drowsiness, trembling, aching muscles, headache, chilliness and pain up and down the spine, fever with thirstlessness.

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