Fungus #1


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ARSENICUM ALBUM (white oxide of arsenic) Arsenicum is a polycrest remedy for many things but among them are symptoms related to flu symptoms created by bacterial infections, food poisoning, intermittent fever, malaria, glandular swellings, ringworm, ulcers, worms, colitis, and anorexia.

ASPERGILLUS NIGER (the fungus that causes black mold on fruits, etc) I can find no information on this fungus as a homeopathic remedy so I will list the symptoms of the fungus as it lodges in the lungs and creates a fungal ball there. These include a non-productive cough, fever, pleuritic chest pains, shortness of breath, nasal congestion and pain, sinusitis, weakened immune system, and fungal ear infections that may degenerate into hearing loss.

CANDIDA ALBICANS (thrush fungus) Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast-like fungus that lives in various mucus membranes of the body and in the intestinal tract. Under certain conditions natural balance is upset and the candida multiply and travel through the bloodstream to many parts of the body where they do not belong and cause a variety of nasty symptoms. Nevertheless, the root cause of all of the symptoms is the out-of-balance state in the intestinal mucosa. This fungus is the same fungus as the one that causes thrush in babies and candida symptoms in grown people.

MEZEREUM This remedy is listed for use against such things as Herpes zoster and shingles. Symptoms include enlarged glands, eruptions, bruised and weary feeling in the joints, violent neuralgia around the face and teeth, eruptions that have thick leathery crusts under which pus collects, vanishing of thoughts while speaking, and irresolution about decisions.

PIX LIQUIDA (pine tar) This remedy is known as a stimulating expectorant in chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis and as a stimulant to the healing of the skin in psoriasis and scaly eczema. A keynote of this remedy, when things have progressed to an extreme state, is constant vomiting of black fluid with pain in the stomach, pain at a spot at about the third left costal cartilage, and skin that itches intolerably with eruptions on the back of the hands.

SULPHUR (brimstone) Sulphur is listed for boils, herpes, skin disorders, difficult respiration with much rattling of mucus, unhealthy skin which breaks out and suppurates, soles of the feet burning and needing to be uncovered, and many other symptoms that might be related to a fungal infection in the body. Sulphur is a remedy that is indicated when the immune system/vital energy is deficient and the healing reaction to closely matching remedies is not sufficient to produce a cure.

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