Glandular Support #1

Specific to pineal gland support.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) Chamomilla is particularly suited for children and pregnant women. The picture includes profuse sweating (in adults), tender breasts from lymph gland swelling, and menstrual cramps with a lot of pain and irritability. Most of the symptoms of Chamomilla are linked to either glandular/hormone issues or nerve irritation.

CUPRUM METALLICUM (copper metal) Symptoms include spasms, convulsions, and cramps in toes, fingers, and calves. A few symptoms, such as a metallic taste in the mouth and grinding of teeth, may be indicative of a liver burdened with toxins or poor absorption of minerals—glandular issues..

MYRRH (myrrh gum) Myrrh is a tonic and stimulant herb. Homeopathic symptoms include enlarged tonsils, lymph nodes, and glands, with general overproduction of mucus.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) The native habitat of a plant is considered by many herbalists to be indicative of that plant’s strengths as a healing catalyst. Thuja loves swamps and is indicated for enlarged glands, soft and spongy warts, and skin eruptions that appear only on covered parts of the body. Thuja is the #1 remedy for “never the same since vaccination” glandular repair.

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