The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM (native sulphide of antimony) Besides crusts on the scalp, brittle nails, and nail fungus Antimonium is noted for food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, lack of appetite, and arthritic pains of joints and fingers.

ARSENICUM ALBUM (white oxide of arsenic) This is a great polycrest for a multitude of things. Among them are stomach, intestinal, and nutrient absorption difficulties. Circular bare patches where there is no hair, scalp very sensitive and cannot be brushed, hair becoming grey very early, falling out of hair, and chronic eruptions on the head that are filled with pus. The fingernails are blue and discolored.

PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM (phosphoric acid) Phosphoricum acidum is helpful in improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals and is specific for hair loss and brittle nails, especially when the nutritional deficiency is associated with grief. Other symptoms are mental debility followed by physical weakness, blue rings around the eyes, diabetes, frequent urination at night, and vertigo in the evening.

SILICA TERRA (pure flint) Although Silica should be remembered for its ability to expel foreign objects from the body, Silica is also noted for improving defective nutrition that is due to poor assimilation of nutrients. Silica is the first remedy I think of if my hair becomes dry or my nails become brittle. Some symptoms applicable to this remedy are a tendency to easy exhaustion, arrested development, unhealthy skin, and pus formation—particularly abscesses around fingernails and whitlows (thickening of the skin around the fingernails.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) Thuja is noted for symptoms arising after vaccinations and exposure to chemical toxins. (For interesting reading on early acknowledgment of the toxic side-effects of vaccines, see the “comments” section in Thuja occidentalis in Robin Murphy’s Materia Medica—very disturbing, but educational). Symptoms that apply to use in this remedy include white scaly dandruff, dry hair that splits and falls out, and nails that are brittle, ribbed, soft, distorted, discolored and crumbling.

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