Headaches #1

Headache Luyties.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ACONITUM NAPELLUS (monkshood) There are several varieties of Aconite headaches. These include congestive headaches, headaches with a very hot sensation inside the head, pulsations in the forehead, violent squeezing or bursting pain in the forehead, scalp being sensitive to touch during the headache, and scalp sensitive to cold air and strong winds.

Nearly all Aconte symptoms come on suddenly and there is a tendency to phobias and panic attacks.

BELLADONNA (deadly nightshade) The headaches of Belladonna include congestive headache with a red face, a throbbing headache of great proportions often felt in the forehead, throbbing and hammering headache, headaches that are worse for light and noise, headaches worse for or brought on by lying down in the afternoon. The keynote of Belladonna is the violence and suddenness of the attacks and the congestion of the blood, often in the head.

BRYONIA ALBA (wild hops) Some symptoms of Bryonia include migraine headaches which are worse for any motion, pressure headaches, bursting and splitting headaches, vertigo on rising, and head feeling as if it has been hit from the inside with a hammer. The headaches are worse from motion, from stooping, and from opening the eyes. A couple of keynotes are that the hair is very greasy, dandruff is rough and uneven, cold sweat on the head, and the person is exceedingly irritable—just wants to be left alone.

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) Symptoms include gastric or hepatic headaches, headaches that begin with blurring of the eyes, chronic pains in forehead, dull throbbing on right side of the forehead, frontal headache over the left eye with nausea, and neuralgic pains beginning over one eye than changing sides. What an interesting variety of headaches is found in this remedy!

NUX VOMICA (poison nut) Nux headache symptoms include a variety of migraines, headaches brought on by sunlight, toxic headaches from the effects of drugs and alcohol, congestive headaches associated with hemorrhoids, and a scalp that is very sensitive to touch. People who respond to Nux are highly strung and fast-moving. They are often angry and impatient when spoken to and suddenly angry with very little provocation.

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