Urinary tract inflammation and leaking of urine.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

APIS MELLIFICA (honey bee) The kidney symptoms of Apis include acute kidney infection, a sore or bruised feeling over the region of the kidneys, burning when urinating, frequent and involuntary urine, and dragging pain in lumbar region.

CAUSTICUM (caustic potash) Involuntary passage of urine when coughing or sneezing, urine dribbles or passes slowly, involuntary retention of urine after labor or after surgical procedures, and burning in the urethra. Causticum people cannot bear to see injustice and are obsessive motivated by causes. When kidney symptoms appear, there must be some sort of underlying fear in the emotions somewhere.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (iron phosphate) Ferrum is usually thought of because it increases hemoglobin and is specific for the early stages of inflammatory disorders. Nevertheless, it has a special affinity for the kidneys. Symptoms include bladder paralysis, bed-wetting, need to urinate immediately after every drink of water, and a frequent need to urinate due to irritation at the neck of the bladder.

KALI PHOSPHORICUM (potassium phosphate) This is a remedy for fatigue brought on by too much striving to leave no duty or responsibility undone and done in the best possible way—no matter the cost in personal energy.

The kidneys are always about fear and the kidney symptoms associated with this remedy reflect the fear of not having done or been enough. There is nocturnal bed-wetting in children and in the elderly, urine that is very yellow in color, and urine coming in stops and starts.

NATRUM MURIATICUM (sodium chloride) Nat mur has an unusual symptom of difficulty urinating in the presence of others (bashful bladder). There is also pain just after urination, and a need to urinate that comes on very suddenly—can’t control the flow, and the urine is clear with red sediment. The ailments of Nat mur are usually accompanied by depression and feelings of isolation and/or were brought on by grief—either acute or chronic. There is backache with a keynote of bends over easily but hurts or has great difficulty straightening back up. The spine is sensitive to touch or pressure.

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