Indigestion #1


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CAFEINE (coffee alkaloid) Abdominal pulsation is a keynote of this remedy as far as stomach symptoms go. Another symptom is anxiety with constriction of the neck and throat at periodic intervals of about 15 minutes. Vomiting relieves this and most other symptoms. It is odd to me that there are so few symptoms listed in the materia medicas for this remedy. Practical experience alone has provided us with a list of common negative reactions to caffeine to serve as symptoms for which this remedy might be useful.

EUPHORBIUM OFFICINARUM (gum EUPHORBIUM) Indications for this remedy are intense burning pains as if something hot is in the pit of the stomach. Burning pains are part of the picture all over the body with this remedy. There is also heartburn, hiccups, nausea with shuddering, and ulcers.

PULSATILLA NIGRICANS (windflower) Emotional symptoms include mild temperament, being emotional and tearful, craving affection and sympathy, and being filled with quiet resentment. There is a bitter taste in the mouth that interferes with the enjoyment of food, a painfully distended abdomen, indigestion from rich, greasy, fatty foods, flatulence, and vomiting after fruits, pastry or ice-cold things.

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