Indigestion #2


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

EPIGEA REPENS (gravel weed) Symptoms of Epigea include uric acid building up throughout the body, kidney stones, cystitis, and great rumbling in bowels.

HOMERIA COLLINA (cape tulip) Symptoms include obstinate, chronic constipation, toxic poisoning from whatever source, severe nausea and vomiting, collapse with cold limbs, irregular pulse, dilated pupils, and near insensibility.

KALI MURIATICUM (potassium chloride) Symptoms of Kali mur include abdominal tenderness, uncomfortable fullness after eating anything, colic with diarrhea, pressure in liver region, peritonitis, itching in the urethra, indigestion with whitish-gray tongue, and stomach pain with constipation. Fatty or rich foods almost always cause indigestion.

MANCINELLA VENENATA (manganeel apple) Symptoms related to this remedy are rumbling in the abdomen, burning stomach pains, continual choking sensation rising from the stomach, vomiting followed by severe colic and profuse diarrhea, and such severe heartburn that it feels as if there are flames rising from the stomach. Cold aggravates the symptoms but the person craves cold water.

RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS (marsh buttercup) Burning in mouth, throat, or stomach, burning and rawness of the tongue with patches peeling off, nausea worse after midnight, sore burning behind the xiphoid cartilage, and the sensation of impending diarrhea are some symptoms of Ranunculus.

VIBURNUM OPULUS (cramp bark) The symptom picture includes sudden cramps and colicky pains in the pelvis with the pain worse by pressure around the umbilicus. There is no appetite or desire for food but, alternatively, there may be constant nausea that is relieved by eating.

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