Infection Fighters #3

Viral infection.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CETRARIA ISLANDICA (Iceland moss) The herb is antiseptic and expectorant and the homeopathic remedy is used for respiratory infections and chronic digestive problems.

ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM (button snake-root) This is a remedy for urinary disorders, congested mucus membranes, thick yellow mucus discharges from anywhere in the body, and is useful for inflammation of the eustachian tube.

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) This remedy is specific for viral infections with painful burning sensations, clogged liver, and kidneys stressed by the overload of dead and dying bacteria. An unusual keynote symptom is pain beginning over one eye and then moving to the other eye.

TARAXACUM OFFICINALE (dandelion) Some of the symptoms listed in the medicas are congestion and pain in the ears, bladder congestion, liver congestion and weakness, gallstones, irresistible drowsiness after meals, heat without thirst, tongue coated with a white film and raw red patches, and copious urine.

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