Infection Fighters #4



The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA/PURPUREA (purpleconeflower) Echinacea is a blood and immune tonic and is indicated for lymphatic inflammation, recurring ear infections, strep throat, upper lung congestion, stuffy nose and head, and even for such things as insect bites and stings and snakebites.

MAHONIA AQUIFOLIUM (Oregon grape) This herb is renowned for cleansing the liver and blood and increasing the production of bile. It is also used for infectious conditions in the stomach and intestinal tract.

MILLEFOLIUM ACHILLEA (yarrow) Yarrow acts on capillaries, arteries, veins, and mucus membranes as a tonic and astringent. This remedy is useful for ulcerations of the throat with pain on swallowing and for wounds which bleed profusely. Yarrow aids with injuries, falls and sprains, and bruises.

PHYTOLACCA AMERICANA (pokeweed root) Phytolacca is a polycrest remedy for glandular and lymphatic issues. It is indicated for glands that are swollen with heat and inflammation—particularly breasts and tonsils. Phytolacca acts on scar tissue, is useful for sore throats, and for muscular soreness all over. Keynote symptoms are high fever alternating with chilliness and great debility and prostration.

TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE (red clover) Red clover is primarily a blood cleanser and a rebuilder of cartilage. The materia medicas list this remedy for blood disorders, coughs, cancers, fibroids, and whooping cough and other coughs that are worse at night, and for sore throat with hoarseness. Some other symptoms and issues are lungs that are full with chills and cough at night, confusion and headaches on awakening, and cold hands and feet. Robin Murphy’s materia medica lists this remedy as a preventive for mumps and cancer and as a retardant for cancerous growths.

USNEA BARBATA (a lichen) as an herb it has unique properties which make it particularly effective against staph and strep strains and their various mutations. Usnea is also a great anti-fungal herb. It is listed for headaches in Murphy’s Materia Medica.

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