Insomnia #2

Fast asleep.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ACONITE NAPELLUS (monkshood) Aconite is indicated by sleeplessness caused by fear, fright or anxiety. There are anxious dreams, physical and mental restlessness, and vertigo that is worse on first rising. Children of this pattern cry and complain, and are very restless.

ARSENICUM ALBUM (white oxide of arsenic) The insomnia symptoms of this polycrest remedy include sleeplessness from anxiety and nervous exhaustion, violent startling with twitching and trembling of limbs during sleep, and being kept awake by heartburn and shortness of breath.

BELLADONNA (deadly nightshade) Everything about Belladonna is extreme and throbbing. The person is kept awake by pulsation of blood vessels—throbbing in carotid and temporal arteries—and jerks during sleep, waking during the night full of fear with dreams of falling, and there is often a tickling, dry cough that is worse at night. The person will be wakeful because they are oversensitive to light, noise and even minor movements of other people in the bed or the room.

COFFEA CRUDA (unroasted coffee) With Coffea, the mind and memory are active until midnight preventing sleep but then the person awakes at 3 a. m. and only dozes the remainder of the night. There is great nervous agitation and restlessness, spending the night tossing about in anguish. The person is sensitive to noises—sleepless as long as there is any sound or light and wakes again at the slightest sounds.

PENTHORUM SEDOIDES (Virginia stonecrop) There is no mention of sleep disorders with Penthorum but there are many symptoms that indicate nervous issues that would very likely create insomnia that should probably be listed. These nerve symptoms include headaches, lack of focus in life, vertigo, and dull aching in the kidneys.

PULSATILLA NIGRICANS (windflower) Pulsatilla is for people of basic mild temperament who are emotional, tearful, and like consolation. A person with Pulsatilla characteristics is sleepy in the afternoon, wide awake in the evening even until very late, restless at first sleep and takes a long time to fall asleep. She then wakes unrefreshed, confused, and grumpy in the morning. A person in the Pulsatilla pattern generally sleeps on their back and prefers to have their hands above their head.

VALERIANA OFFICINALIS (valerian) Valerian is always about over-sensitiveness of the nerves. This is reflected in sleeplessness and insomnia. The person cannot sleep before midnight, their sleep is disturbed with tossing and anxious confused dreams, sleeplessness from nightly itching, muscular spasms from excitement, profuse sweats at night, and cramping of hands and feet that prevents sleep.

ZINCUM BROMATUM (zinc bromide) With Zincum bromatum there is alternating wakefulness and a sleep so deep that it is stuporous. There is a pain in the nerves of the head and face. Zincum bromatum is predominantly a remedy for teething children but is occasionally used for other people.

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