Intestinal Cleanse


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ABSINTHIUM ARTEMISIA (common wormwood) This is a far deeper acting remedy than any of the others in this combination. It has all of the usual symptoms associated with parasites and other serious intestinal problems but also has actions on the liver, spleen, and intestinal tract with a special emphasis on the gallbladder.

Absinthium also has in its symptom picture indications for parasite infestations that have been acting on the body for a very long time, causing serious nutritional and nerve deficiencies. These symptoms include convulsions preceded by trembling, marked tremors of nerves, tongue, and heart, spasmodic facial twitching, headaches, nervousness, vertigo, and loss of memory.

FILIX MAS (male fern) The symptoms of FIlix mas include great pain in the abdomen with diarrhea and constant vomiting, gnawing and boring in the bowels, bloating, inflammation of lymph glands, pale face with blue circles around the eyes, frequent but painless hiccupping, and worms and worm colic. Filix mas is used in the treatment of tapeworms and other parasites, as well as for intestinal bacterial infestations. All symptoms, as would be expected with parasites, are made worse from eating sweets.

JUGLANS NIGRA (black walnut) Juglans nigra is similar to Julans regia and is another remedy, in both herbal and homeopathic form, that is noted for the expulsion of parasites. Juglans nigra is especially noteworthy because it affects the spleen even more acutely than it does the liver—an usual traint among homeopathic remedies. Symptoms include bloating, flatulence, nausea, and emaciation—certainly all symptoms consistent with parasites.

QUASSIA AMARA (Quassia wood) Quassia is listed in the medicas as a digestive remedy and as a treatment for worms. Certainly, the symptoms upon which it acts indicate parasite infestations. Among these symptoms are pressure and pain in the liver and, sympathetically, in the spleen, very acute sticking in the hepatic region followed by a dull pain, fatty liver, pain in the muscles above the liver, dyspepsia with flatus, acidity, and heartburn. Symptoms outside the digestive area, but understandable as connected to serious trouble there, include copious urination day and night—the child wakes up with the bed drenched, fatigue and weakness with great hunger, drawing pains in calves, severe drawing pains in cervical muscles, and cold limbs with a sensation of coldness running over the back.

SYZYGIUM AROMATICUM (clove) I can find no provings for clove as a homeopathic remedy but clove essential oil is considered anti-fungal and anti-parasitic as well as an excellent antibiotic, antiseptic, expectorant, and antispasmodic.

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