Intestinal/Stomach Distress #1



The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

LOBELIA PURPURASCENS (purple lobelia is very similar to Lobelia inflata but is grown in Australia) Lobelia, both as an herb and as a homeopathic remedy, is useful in neutralizing poisons in the blood from a congested colon. SarsaparillA is another herb with this characteristic. Lobelia is excellent for the repair of diverticula inflamed or infected pouches in the intestinal wall) in a septic colon.

PLATINUM METALLICUM (platina metal) A symptom which sets this remedy apart, and indicates the need for this remedy, is the alternating of the physical and mental symptoms. If they are not feeling sad, arrogant, contemptuous, or wounded in their pride, which seems to keep them stuck somehow, the physical indications for this remedy will come online. Then, as the physical ailments are treated, the unpleasant mental/emotional patterns emerge. This requires treatment to a very deep level to eradicate this pattern completely!

Physical symptoms include colic from toxic poisoning, pain in the umbilical region extending through into the back, a lot of flatulence and abdominal pain, and sensations of constriction of the stomach and abdomen.

PSORINUM (scabies nosode) Psorinum is a remedy with many allergies, including food allergies, in its picture. The result of these allergies in the intestinal tract is constipation with pain in the lumbar region, chronic diarrhea in the early morning, involuntary stools while sleeping (a nasty pattern), burning hemorrhoids, and stools that are bloody and excessively fetid.

VESPA CRABRO (wasp) Vespa is usually thought of as a remedy for bee stings but is also indicated for boils. Skin conditions of the magnitude of boils almost always indicatE a congested colon. Because the colon is not able to eliminate things that would be very harmful to the body, they are brought to the surface, encapsulated into a boil, and expelled—eventually, after much pain and suffering. There will be heat in the stomach, with indigestion and nausea during the evening hours.

VINCA MINOR (lesser periwinkle) When Vinca minor is indicated the person’s abdomen will be full, tense and painful. The intestinal tract will rumble and gurgle and then pass offensive flatus. Keynotes are that the stool will be first very hard then overly soft, indicating a problem with moisture levels in the last part of the colon. Passing the stool is exhausting with burning in the anus. When vomiting occurs, it will be copious and be very bitter and yellowish-green in color.

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