Intestinal/Stomach Distress #5

Intestinal/Stomach Distress #5 6X (BICNTSTOMDIS5X10)Giardia

GUARANA(Brazilian coco) Symptoms of Guarana include debility after a debilitating disease, chronic diarrhea, and spasms of the bladder. This is a remedy for nervous exhaustion. Nerve symptoms include reduced vitality, congestive or throbbing headache, headache followed by vomiting, loss of appetite, restless nervousness, and neuralgias.

PLUMBAGO LITTORALIS (plumbago) I can find very little information about plumbago as a homeopathic and none at all about it as an herbal remedy. Symptoms that are listed include profuse milky saliva, vertigo after eating, and an aversion to every food presented or suggested.

CROTALUS HORRIDUS (timber rattlesnake) Crotalus, being a snake remedy, as action on the blood, heart and liver and is a remedy for septic conditions. Symptoms include intestinal hemorrhage, heat and tenderness of the abdomen, liquid stools, involuntary stools, aching in liver region, and vomiting.