Intestinal/Stomach Distress #6



The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ARSENICUM ALBUM (white oxide of arsenic) Arsenicum is a leading polycrests and is a restorative for all systems of the body (digestive, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic, and glandular) but has a particular affinity for the liver and the intestinal tract. A few (very few) keynote symptoms include burning pain in the stomach and abdomen, rumbling and cramping pains in the bowels, violent squeezing and constriction in umbilical region, diarrhea, and enlargement of the liver and the spleen Great deep-acting polycrest remedy for dealing with influenzas, stomach flu, intestinal distress of any description, poisonings, and parasites. Remedy picture also includes sudden great weakness and shortness of breath.

SALMONELLA TYPHI (nosode) This remedy is meant to help with the sudden onset of symptoms such as nausea, abdominal cramping, bloody diarrhea with mucus, dehydration, chronic infection and inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts, chronic pancreatitis, and high fever. There may be mental confusion and vagueness.

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