Kidney #3


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CYPRIPEDIUM PUBESCENS (yellow lady’s slipper) Lady’s slipper was a herb of great renown in former years as a nervine. Unfortunately, it has been on endangered species lists for years and we can no longer purchase it. The homeopathic remedy is the best that we can do. Symptoms for this remedy, homeopathically, include neuralgia, nervousness, intestinal trouble, debility after gout (uric acid crystals and cellular waste in the tissues of the extremities, sleeplessness, indifference, and vertigo.

EUPHORBIUM OFFICINALIS (eyebright) The most marked keynote of this remedy is terrible burning pains as if a live coal were on or in that body part whether it be bones or internal organs.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM (club moss) Symptoms pertaining to the kidneys include hot urine with red sand, aching the kidneys that is better for urinating, backache before urinating that is better after urine passes, gallstones or kidney stones or gravel, eczema, nasal troubles since childhood, low blood sugar, and a great desire for sweets, and oozing behind ears. The emotional pattern linked to kidneys is fear; anxiety and suspiciousness are simply the manifestation of the problem in the kidneys.

MANCINELLA VENENATA (manganeel apple) This is a remedy with serious mental and skin issues in its symptom picture. Hair loss after an illness. These include skin problems with excessive blisters, herpes, and severe sore throat. There is sudden vanishing of thoughts and a fear of going completely insane.

PENICILLINUM (penicillin) This remedy is indicated for those who have had kidney issues and have never been well since taking this drug. It is also indicated for many of those symptoms for which the drug might be prescribed allopathically.

RADIUM BROMATUM (radium bromide) Pure radium is a white powder that has the property of adhering to ferrum (iron). This property illustrates the close relationship of radium and ferrum and gives us clues as to the homeopathic uses of radium. One of the uses for this remedy is for x-ray burns. This remedy is also indicated for kidney irritation, albuminuria, and the increased elimination of sediment, bedwetting, itching all over the body, and skin disorders. Radium bromide was used historically for epithelioma, which is an abnormal growth of the layer of tissues that covers the surfaces of organs and other structures of the body.

THIOSINAMINUM (mustard seed) Thiosinaminum is used in cases of scar tissue formation, strictures of the urethra and painful urination, and urine that is increased in quantity but has no increased sediment or albumen.

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