Kidney #6


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA One of the main focuses of this remedy, it suppressed urine in infants and acute inflammation of the urinary tract in adults. This remedy includes many types of kidney and bladder disorders, as well as prostate enlargement, scanty urine loaded with ropes of mucus with sediment, nephritis, straining before flow comes, burning during urination, and clots of blood passing with urine. Modalities include better from walking and worse in damp weather.

HEPAR SULPHURIS CALCAREUM This remedy is specific for the bladder difficulties of elderly men. Symptoms include slow voiding without force, weak bladder seems as if some urine always remains, a putrid odor of urine, itching. Emotions include overly sensitive to impressions, extreme irritability, peevishness, and impulsive behavior.

SABAL SERRULATA This remedy also includes prostate enlargement and weakness along with the kidney symptoms. (Incidentally, this remedy is also good for undeveloped breast glands.) Other symptoms are bed wetting, cystitis, impotency, urine incontinence, pain in the region of the kidneys, and fear of going to sleep.

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