The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CICUTA VIROSA (water hemlock) This remedy is especially noted for convulsions after falls and concussions. The muscles become rigid and spastic, there are sudden violent shocks through the head, neck muscles become contorted, there is twitching of facial muscles, headache alternating with pain in the abdomen, and one-sided stupefying headache from a rush of blood to the head. Emotional symptoms include anxiety about the future, contemptuous, mistrustful, averse to company and especially shuns men. There is memory loss after an accident or injury with a confusion of the present with the past. This remedy is listed as useful for cerebro-spinal meningitis.

MEDORRHINUM (Gonorrhea nosode) Medorrhinum is noted for a state of collapse and trembling, panic attacks, weakness of memory, manic depression, impulsive behavior and decision making, violent pain in the region of the kidneys, insomnia, and a sensation of a tight band across the forehead.

NATRUM MURIATICUM (sodium chloride) Symptoms, randomly chosen, include hay fever, dry mucus membranes, great weakness and weariness with coldness, severe depression and feelings of isolation, acute and chronic grief, holds grudges for years, photophobia, tears stream down face when coughing, fever blisters and cold sores, migraine headaches, and vertigo and vomiting during pregnancy. Consolation aggravates all symptoms with Nat mur.

OLEANDER (rose laurel) Key symptoms of Oleander include weak memory, slow perception, sadness with lack of confidence, double vision, eruptions on scalp and behind ears, palpitations with weak, empty feeling in chest, involuntary urination, stiffness of joints, weakness of lower limbs, toothache when chewing, and very sensitive skin.

PSORINUM (Scabies nosode) Symptoms include allergies and hay fever, hopelessness that is not very deep or constant, debility, prominent unhealthy skin symptoms with itching, offensive discharges, headaches, hungry and feels unusually well just before becoming ill, and the keynote psora symptom of looking unkempt no matter how much effort is put into looking nicer.

SULPHUR (Brimstone) The sulphur personality is absent-minded and indifferent to personal appearance—“a ragged philosopher” type. Sulphur is specific to complaints that seemed to be doing better and then relapse or just drag on and on. It is indicated when a carefully chosen remedy does not act as expected. A few keynote symptoms are dry and unhealthy skin and hair—every injury of the skin infects, a pulse that is more rapid in the morning than in the evening, feels very weak and faint about 11 a. m. and must have something to eat immediately. The person sleeps in catnaps with the slightest noise awakening them.

SYPHILINUM (Syphilis nosode) Syphilinum is of great benefit for crying infants who began crying shortly after birth and never seem to stop. There is nightly—from darkness until daylight—aggravation of all complaints with prostration and debility in the morning, sleeplessness and great restlessness at night. This is a deep and desperate remedy for deep and desperate situations, many of which center around relationship issues.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) A few keynote symptoms include polyps and warts, dullness of mind, depression, feels isolated but is averse to company, asthma in children, and chronic sinus infections. Thuja is considered a polycrest remedy for anything related to vaccine reactions or poisoning by drugs.

TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM (tuberculosis nosode) This nosode and miasm have symptoms such as a tendency to catch colds easily, chronic enlargement of tonsils and glands, a sensation of suffocation even when there is plenty of fresh air, dry hard hacking cough, mucus rattling in the throat with little or no expectoration. Emotionally, there is a deep feeling of being unfulfilled and a pressing need to move on or at least travel to some place different and new.

VACCININUM (cowpox vaccine) The vaccinosis miasms includes all of those symptoms brought on by exposure to drugs and chemicals. A comprehensive list of those symptoms is not possible to create. A few of those symptoms include skin eruptions, strange growths, restlessness, irritability, impatience, nervousness, aching in the pit of the stomach with shortness of breath, convulsions, seizures, paralysis, ADHD and other learning disorders, and an inability to feel compassionate or connected to others.

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