Migraine #1

Vision disturbances.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

BELLADONNA (foxglove) Belladonna situations and symptoms manifest with sudden throbbing violence. Symptoms include congestive headaches with a red face, a throbbing hammering headache, severe neuralgic pain, throbbing in carotid and temporal arteries, pupils dilated with frequent and profuse urination.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS (yellow jasmine) I consider Gelsemium to be a remedy with a strong affinity for the convalescent stage of illness and for “never the same since” an illness or an accident. A few symptoms of this remedy are nervous headaches from emotional excitement, pain in the temples that extend into the ear and nose and even to the chin, muscular weakness, dizziness, drowsiness and trembling, and excessive fatigue and weakness of all of the limbs with numbness.

GLONOINUM (nitroglycerine) Used in both homeopathy and allopathic medicine for serious heart-related issues, nitroglycerine has many circulatory symptoms, many of which play out in the head. There is sudden vascular congestion, violent pulsations, blood rushes to head and heart, congestive headaches, bursting sensations in the head, threatened strokes, high blood pressure, and complete collapse.

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) The symptoms of Iris versicolor include migraines of gastric or liver origin. There is chronic pain in the forehead, frontal headache over the left eye with nausea, headache the alternates sides of the head, and ringing in the ears.

NUX VOMICA (poison nut) The Nux vomica personality is very highly strung, fast-paced and competent. They are often very irritable—can not handle noise or light, especially during a headache, and are angry and impatient when spoken to. They may be angry suddenly without provocation. Symptoms include migraines with vision disturbances, headaches brought on by sunlight, frontal headache with an urge to press the forehead against something, toxic headache from drugs or alcohol, headache from constipation, scalp sensitive to the slightest touch, and trigeminal neuralgia with numbness of the face.

SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS (bloodroot) With Sanguinaria, there are periodic sick headaches—pain begins in occiput and spreads upwards or spreads downwards centering over the right eye. There is a pain in the occiput like a flash of lightning, veins and temples are distended, and there is a cough of gastric origin. This is a remedy where the symptoms are mostly on the right side of the body.

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