Migraine #2


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

BRYONIA ALBA (wild hops) The symptoms of Bryonia that apply to headaches include splitting headache that is worse from motion, bursting headache which feels like the brain is being forced out, the head feels as if hit by a hammer from within, pain over left eye, and frontal headache because of sinus congestion. Both mental exertion and motion aggravate the pain. The person just wants to be left alone.

CARBO VEGETABILIS (vegetable charcoal) Carbo veg is a remedy for a state of complete collapse with the body becoming blue and icy cold. Head symptoms include the head being hot with the limbs being very cold, dull compressive headaches, the head feels as if there is a heavyweight there, headaches from overindulgence in something, and cold sweat on the forehead indicating the onset of weakness and collapse.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS (yellow jasmine) I consider Gelsemium to be a remedy with a strong affinity for the convalescent stage of illness and for “never the same since” an illness or an accident. A few symptoms of this remedy are nervous headaches from emotional excitement, pain in the temples that extends into the ear and nose and even to the chin, blurred vision with pain above the eye, muscular weakness, dizziness, drowsiness and trembling, and excessive fatigue and weakness of all of the limbs with numbness.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (sodium sulphate) A major action of this remedy is for head injuries and the serious headaches that follow them. When a person has sustained a head injury it is often dangerous to allow them to take pain medications, at least in sufficient quantity to handle the horrific pain. Nat sulph relieves much of the pain while helping stop any bleeding in the head and healing the nerves.

Nat sulph also sets to work dealing with the mental effects of the injury to the brain. Some of these symptoms include depression, insomnia, confusion, irritability, suicidal impulses and, as the medica words it, “periodical attacks of mania.”

It should be noted that a person who is being benefitted by Nat sulph rarely commit suicide. They express a longing to commit suicide but also say that they are sure the family (or the business or the world in general) could not carry on without them. This is a very great comfort if you are the mother of the person with the head injury and you see how depressed and despairing of recovery they have become.

Headache symptoms include depression after head injuries, blindness after a head injury, eyes sensitive to light, boring in right temple preceded by burning in stomach, and excessive salivation with a headache.

PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM (phosphoric acid) The symptoms of Phosphoricum acidum are often brought on by grief or shock. There are mental debility and emotional issues such as apathy and indifference followed by physical weakness. Headache symptoms include a feeling of a crushing weight on top of the head, pain as if temples were being crushed, and a dull headache from eyestrain.

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