Muscular Aches & Pains #2

A simple remedy for quieting the nerves, relieving the pain of cramps and spasms, and preventing convulsions brought on by the spasming of nerves and muscles.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

MAGNESIA CARBONICA (Magnesium carbonica) This remedy is calming to the nerves that control the muscle groups. There is violent bruised pain in the back during the night and heavy, tired, painful legs and feet during the day.

PASSIFLORA INCARNATA (Passion flower) Although it has not been proven as a homeopathic, passion flower is a safe and well known herbal remedy. It is useful for nervousness and problems with the brain and central nervous system. Passiflora is sedative, mildly narcotic, anti-spasmodic, and is listed for insomnia and convulsions in children. The convulsions and spasms of Passiflora are centered mainly in the muscles of the trunk. Passiflora should be given before the convulsions come on, if possible.

VALERIANA OFFICINALIS (Valerian) Valeriana is a relaxant and moderate stimulant depending on the amount used. It is a mild stimulant to the circulatory and nervous systems. Valerian acts as a nervine and anti-spasmodic to muscles and introduces quiet and calm to the brain. Symptoms include sciatic pain that is worse for standing and for sitting on hard surfaces. Pain in heels, cramping pains in calves that are worse when the legs are crossed. There is constant jerking of muscles and cramps in the hands and the feet.

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