Muscle Weakness

A remedy for muscle weakness and trembling as well as muscles becoming unresponsive, even paralyzed as a result of nerve damage or irritation.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ALUMINUM OXYDATA (aluminum oxide) Aluminum poisoning lodged in the cerebrospinal axis causes disturbances in coordination as well as weakness and partial paralysis of muscles. This remedy is specific for these types of problems. There is either extreme dryness of mucus membranes or excess salivation with partial paralysis of involuntary muscles. Senility and dementia are also listed as symptoms of Aluminum and, therefore, as side effects of aluminum poisoning.

CAUSTICUM (caustic potash) One of the first and very important keynotes listed for Causticum is a weakness with loss of muscular strength. There is localized paralysis of muscles and even paralysis of some organs that are muscular in nature.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS (yellow jasmine) Gelsemium is a remedy specific to paralysis of any kind in muscles. Symptoms include muscular weakness and trembling in the limbs, lack of muscular coordination, heaviness in the body as though the muscles cannot keep the body upright, and weakness and soreness of muscles. There is also a lot of symptoms having to do with nerve issues and damage as it affects muscles.

NUX VOMICA (Poison nut) This remedy is for irritable people with hypersensitive nervous systems which make them and overly impressionable emotionally. The nerve problems also produce cramps and spasms of muscles, contractions and tenseness in muscles, muscular weakness from over-stimulation with a sudden loss of muscle strength in arms and legs early in the morning, bruised pains in the muscles, sudden sharp pains in the back when turning, and dull pain when sitting.

SILICA TERRA (pure flint) Some symptoms related to muscle issues include legs feeling paralyzed, trembling while walking, loss of power in legs, calves tense and contracted, and curvature of the spine.

ZINCUM METALLICUM (Zinc metal) Some symptoms related to muscle issues include the spine being very sensitive—cannot bear having it touched, general weakness, trembling and twitching of various muscles, nape of the neck feels weary and tired, pain the cervical muscles at night, stumbling, a spastic gait, and totters while walking.

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