Nerve #2


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) Chamomilla is particularly suited to irritable, sensitive, discontented, whining children and their adult counterparts. I would have to list Chamomile has a very mild, but extremely important, polycrest for any hypersensitivity of the nervous system. A keynote is that the person lives in the past, dwelling on past irritations and slights by other people.

CUPRUM SULPHURICUM (copper sulfate) While Cuprum metallicum is a well-studied remedy, little is known about Cuprum sulphuricum. There are indications of nervousness, restlessness, irritability. and headache with shooting, nerve-type pain. The pain is better after resting.

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (sunflower) Headache. Drowsiness. Helianthus is considered a spleen remedy but is used externally, much like Arnica montana and Calendula, for arthritic pains and internally for headache and drowsiness.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (sodium sulphate) This is a remedy for head injuries and the congestion of the blood in the brain as well as the damage done to delicate nerves. Headache with drowsiness, such as is seen in concussion, is a keynote of this remedy. The nervous conditions of this remedy are made worse by mental exertion. There is a fear of crowds that did not exist before the injury and great sleepiness during the day.

STERCULIA ACUMINATA (kola nut) “Kola nut regulates the circulation and the heart rhythm and gives the power to endure prolonged physical exertion without taking food and without feeling fatigued.” (Murphy’s Materia Medica).

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