Nerve #3


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

HYOSCYAMUS NIGER (henbane) Hyoscyamus is a deep-acting remedy for brain and nervous system disorders of some desperation. The symptom picture includes such things as mania of a particularly obscene and quarrelsome nature, lack of modesty with the improper display of the body, extreme jealousy and suspicion, nervous agitation, twitching of tendons, tremulous weakness or muscles, and hallucinations and delusions.

MORBILLINUM (measles nosode) The remedy symptom picture includes nervous fretfulness in children and irritable moodiness in adults with constant fault-finding.

VENUS MERCANARIA (American scallop) Venus mercanaria is above all a remedy for things going on in the head. Symptoms include mental confusion, boredom, and incoordination of the mind and the body (hands) when trying to write.

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