Pain Remedy #1

A quick read-through of the descriptions of the ingredients in this remedy makes it easy to see that this is a remedy for all sorts of pain—muscular and nerve—in all sorts of areas of the body.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

LOBELIA INFLATA (Indian tobacco) Lobelis is a vasomotor stimulant and has action on the nervous systems producing a relaxed condition. Pain is focused in the sacrum and in the neck, indicating that the nerves of the spine are involved. The pain in the sacrum is so severe that it cannot tolerate any touch and sitting is nearly impossible. There are dull, heavy head pain and shooting pains throughout the body.

RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS (marsh buttercup) Ranunculus is a remedy that affects first the nerves and then the muscles, eyes, serous membranes, chest, skin, fingers and toes, and the left side of the body. The pains are gnawing and boring with an overall sore feeling..

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (arbor vitae) Some of the pains of Thuja include pulsing back pain with a bruised sensation in back and pain in heels and the Achilles tendon.

VINCA MINOR (lesser periwinkle) The symptoms of Vinca minor include painful tension and stiffness of the cervical muscles with an illusive sensation as if a weight were lying on the muscles which creates tearing pain in the vertex of the head.

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