Pain Remedy #2

Predominantly for the pain associated with any types of arthritis, bone malformation or decay, as well as nerve irritation and even convulsions and discomfort from kidney or gallstones.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ASAFOETIDA (Gum of the Stinkasand) This remedy is good for the pains of such things as bone diseases and bone decay, headaches, and spasmodic tightness of muscles. The pains change and are better by touch and much worse at night.

CAUSTICUM (caustic potash) The pain associated with Causticum includes contracted tendons, muscle pain, paralysis of individual parts, burning with rawness and soreness, weakness and loss of muscular strength that creates unsteady walking and easy falling, and pain in the spine.

FERRUM METALLICUM (iron metal) With Ferrum there is a pain in the shoulders, the neck is sore and stiff, there is a pain in the scapula, heel pain, and headache that is hammering, pulsating, and congestive. Arthritis that is extremely painful. Ferrum also has action on the blood and on the thyroid so the symptoms include great fatigue.

KALMIA LATIFOLIA (mountain laurel) With Kalmia, large parts of a limb or several limbs and the joints that connect them become swollen and painful such as with arthritis. There is pain along the ulnar nerve going into the third or fourth fingers, sharp pains in the heart that take the breath away, and neuralgias. The pains shoot downward creating numbness, and the pains shift about rapidly.

LITHIUM BENZOICUM (lithium benzoate) A keynote of Lithium is deep-seated pains in the small of the back as the result of gallstones and kidney stones. Lithium is not just a pain reliever. It acts on the free hippuric acid of the urine.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON (poison oak) Rhus is for the pains of dislocated joints, ankle injuries, arthritis, back injuries, bone pain, gout, and stiffness in the sacrum. The pains are tearing, shooting, stitching and worse for exposure to cold and wet.

SPIRAEA ULMARIA (meadowsweet) Dullness and heaviness in the head and heaviness in all limbs. There are convulsions and possible epilepsy. The convulsions are worse on the left side.

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